Yugo West Lafayette River Market

Watch the dust! Renovations to the 24-hour fitness center and lounge areas are underway and we can’t wait for you to see them!
Within walking distance of Purdue University, come down to the gym after class to unwind, or study with friends in the lounge spaces fitted with superfast wifi, comfy sofas, and TVs on the wall to catch your favorite reality tv show or the big game.
Feeling tired? Grab a drink from the coffee bar or hear to a variety of retail and restaurants within the building. The best part is returning to your apartment and hanging out with friends watching TV or grabbing an early night ready for class the next day.

Discover a space all your own at Yugo West Lafayette River Market. Choose from an array of studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments for you and your roommates to call home. Impress your parents with prepaid utilities and internet while you wow your friends with how close you live to campus, perfect for meeting up after class.  
Live your college life to the fullest, just steps away from Purdue’s campus. Enjoy local hot spots like Chauncy Village and the Levee as you explore West Lafayette and all it has to offer. Find the perfect college/life balance with all the perks and none of the cramped, dorm life hassle.   

Discover the apartment of your dreams at Yugo West Lafayette River Market! Begin extraordinary.